As part of the festival’s lecture and meetings programme, we would like to invite you to a meeting with Elżbieta Sikora, composer and artistic director of Musica Electronica Nova, and Pierre Jodlowski – composer of electronic and theatrical music.

The subject of the talk will be visual elements in contemporary music – an introduction to the evening screening.

The sixth edition of the Musica Electronica Nova festival offers a diverse programme, appealing to the viewer and listener on many levels : presenting events both for the eye and the ear, combining heritage with the contemporary, and placing classic motifs in new contexts. Electronic music will appear here not only in concert, but also as an element of multimedia installations, stage performances, and on the screen – one of the leading threads of the festival is the fusion of electronic music with cinema. The ’audio-visual’ nature of Musica Electronica Nova is emphasised by the choice of the festival’s composer-in-residence. Belgian artist Thierry De Mey is known for his cinematic and musical works, in which music merges with astonishing imagery, and the protagonist is the human body in movement. The festival programme includes concert performances of De Mey’s best-known works, film projections, and an installation presented together with Media Art Biennial WRO 2015 – Test Exposure – Wro Art CentrE.



Introduction: Elżbieta Sikora

Lecturers: Pierre Jodlowski



Presentation of ‘Strike’ and general reflexion about the presence of visuals in contemporary music –  lecture in English
Free entry
30 August 2020 Gdańsk / Poland

World premiere: Running North

11 August 2020 Trevi, Italy

Concert: Axe rouge III

19 March 2020 Lyon, France

Concert: Solo [canceled]

17 March 2020 Paris, France

Screening of DVD Madame Curie [canceled]

11 January 2020 Vienna, Austria

World premiere: Instants fugitifs

14 December 2019 Paris, France

World premiere: Sonosphère V. Wanda Landowska

17 November 2019 Monza, Italy

Concert: Aquamarina, Janek Wisniewski décembre Pologne, Axe rouge, Rouge d’été

12 November 2019 Rome, Italy

Concerts: Aquamarina, Janek Wisniewski décembre Pologne, Axe rouge, Rouge d’été

20 October 2019 Warsaw, Poland

Concert: Partita de la III Suite, Lamento, Passage souterrain (world premiere)

06 July 2019 Rome, Italy

Concert: Axe rouge III

08 June 2019 Augsburg, Germany

World premiere: Soleos

01 June 2019 Paris, France

Concert: Solo