Phonogène – radio broadcast of electroacoustic, acousmatic and other sounds.

November 9, 2015

La Tête d’Orphée

(Head of Orpheus) tonight on RadioHDR 99.1

Rouen, France

Monday evening hours. 22.00-23.00, once a month at RadioHDR 99.1 Rouen, France.

Tonight on RadioHDR at 22.00:
Bruitxelles Irene PACINI 9:47
Mimoyecques Elizabeth Anderson 13:39
La tete d’orphée Elzbieta Sikora 17:17
Le temps du ciel (Time of Heaven): Entropie Christine Groult 14:25
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02 December 2022 Wroclaw, Poland

Concert: Oliwa concerto for organ and orchestra

28 November 2022 Polish Radio, Radio dla Ciebie (Radio for you)

First Radio Broadcast: El et le manteau de musicopuissance

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22 March 2022 Białystok, Poland

Lecture: The Laboratory of the Opera. Madame Curie

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Recording: The Sixth Commandment

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Radio Brodcast: Norwid’Ellipse

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