Opéra ’Madame Curie’ d’ Elżbieta Sikora joué par les artistes de l’Opéra Baltique de Gdansk.

3 et 4 Septembre 2014, 19.30

Performances were held in Tianjin on 3 and 4 September at Tianjin Grand Theatre. The opera Madame Curie directed by Mark Weiss was premiered in 2011 in Paris. The opera was performed by ten soloists, choir and a dancer from Baltic Dance Theatre. The artists were accompanied by a full symphony orchestra with additional sounds of accordion, electric guitar and electronic music played from computer. The libretto is inspired by the private life of Maria Skłodowska-Curie, the only double Nobel Prize winner in the history, whose scientific achievements have changed the face of science. ’She was just a human, walking the earth like anyone else, having her own life filled with love and science in all their forms’ – says the composer -’I wanted to show her from that side – the side which shows her as a full-fledged human entity, and the fact that she was a woman – it’s a complete coincidence’. The project initiating a large series of Polish cultural events in China.

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