Running North







Score and Parts:


Running North

for carillon

commissioned by the Museum of City of Gdańsk for the 50 th anniversary
World premiere : 30.08.2020
St. Catherine Church Gdańsk
Monika Kaźmierczak, carillon

Programme notes:

To flee from one`s fate, from oneself, from plague, war, enslavement and all forms of evil. Tto the North where, beyond the horizon, the vast sea hints at mysterious temptations, the lure of the unknown and freedom. Gdansk, the 14the century. In the town the plague wreaks havoc. To escape from the city or shut oneself away, in quarantine. Gdansk, 21 st century. From China comes Covid-19. A new quarantine. No panic, just fear. The Baltic calls, with its limitless horizon. Run there, caress your feet in the sea`s gentle waves, rest there while waiting for the storms to come. Running North was composed in Paris, at the beginning of the pandemic, in the 20 th arrondissement which came to a sudden stop while waiting for a cure. Composed for the Carillon of the St Catherine`s Church, in Gdansk, it was commissioned by the Museum of Gdansk for its 50 th anniversary. The work consists of an introduction, five episodes, an interlude and a coda.